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We are here to be your first choice of services and solutions just right under your fingertips. We believe that we can make IT happen.

Zuse is the place where you find the green light for your IT-related complications.

Fuse with Zuse and be a part of a genuine professional solution service.


We are well-equipped and eligible in providing the full scope of your E- commerce support, IT assets and requirements.

CCTV Solutions
Network Solutions
Cyber Security Solutions

We not only design; create, but we maintain our desired standards and keep up to the client's expectations.

Lab Maintenance
Website Maintenance
Social Media and various related services

We possess experience of 20 years in the field of education in Sri Lanka and its related phenomena. Our team will be ready to accept the challenges in digitizing education to cater the modern trends and needs such as “Industry 4.0” for the next generation.


Apart from our Automation services, Zuse focuses and delivers Process Automation with a human touch (Autonomation) in order to enhance human efficiency with the cutting edge advancements of Information Technology.

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